The Nairobian Electric Avenue Tee (Red)
The Nairobian Electric Avenue Tee (Red)
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The Nairobian Electric Avenue Tee (Red)

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The Nairobian is a collection to show off Nairobi as a global city, a gathering place of intellectual ideas, artists and the full breadth of the human experience. The collection’s title is in direct juxtaposition to The New Yorker, a publication famous for its illustrated magazine covers, topical line drawing comics, and overall clear brand identity.

This series highlights one of Nairobi's centres for nightlife culture, the iconic Electric Avenue strip in Westlands. The Electric Avenue artwork features classic and current venues and some common night out tropes on the strip.

Electric Avenue artwork by Mwadzame



100% combined Egyptian organic cotton  


Measurements: ALL UNISEX 


width - 50 cm

length - 71 cm 



width - 53 cm

length - 72 cm



width - 56 cm

length - 74 cm


XL :

width - 59 cm

length - 76 cm